Every year on September 30th we celebrate International Translation Day all over the world. St:Jerome translated the Bible and has since been seen as the patrion of all translators. Having been a professional translator since 2008 I feel it is very important to take the time to celebrate my fellow translators around the world! Keep up the good work!

In a world where globalisation is progressing rapidly the profession of translation is becoming increasingly important. But being a translator is a tough job that seldom pays enough, with short deadlines and demanding customers, mainly companies, who have no idea what it takes to transform a text from one language to another. Different cultures require different types of texts. We have to evaluate the different target groups, adjust to the other culture’s way to express themselves, at the same time as we try to bring with the same meaning of the source text, maybe even with a clever rhyme. Translating a text is thus creating a new next for a new culture and keep that in mind the next time you pick up a copy of that international bestseller. That too is a work of art.