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Could this be the perfect murder?

The eternal bachelor Detective Joe Patrone can often be found in front of a television set watching a hockey game, a rerun if it’s not hockey season, or out running with his dog Jerry, a large and quiet Rhodesian Ridgeback. If he is not on a case, that is. This devoted cop leaves no stone unturned finding out who the perpetrator is.

In this case, however, Detective Patrone gets his hands full when he is assigned to solve the murder of a successful businessman named Michael Cordell. The victim is shot in his own home, in a nice neighborhood with no witnesses, found by his loving wife Laura, leaving detective Patrone and his partner with very few clues. The only piece of evidence is a single bullet of caliber .38 Special, one of the most common cartridges in the world, which can be used in both .38 revolvers as well as some semi-automatic handguns.

If the two detectives cannot rely on forensic evidence to solve this case, it will have to take some good old fashioned detective work and Patrone is determined to find out who the killer is, no matter how long it takes. Is it the wife? Is it a co-worker? Is it a robber? Patrone and his partner Wells have long hours of police work a head of them. Could this be the perfect murder?

For those who love a classic detective story in a modern take.