writer's blockI am currently experiencing what is called writer’s block on one of my book projects. Luckily I have several projects going on at the same time to put my focus on that are moving along nicely, so I’m not too stressed about it. I don’t often get writer’s block. I usually have found the story or the plot in its full before I even begin writing it. I say “found” the story, because that is usually how it feels. Before writing a word down I try to find the story in my mind. I might have figured out who the characters are already, but finding the story or the plot is like a discovery. It is a journey. And at the moment I’m sort of stuck waiting for the train to come and take me to my character’s world. Though this might sound irritating, waiting to discover the story is one of my favorite parts of writing, a lot more fun than the actual putting words down on paper, which can be tedious and requires a lot of hard work. Once I have discovered my story it is in a sense already finished, I have finished the journey. What’s next is simply telling it to others.

Whenever I am blocked it usually means I’ve taken the wrong path, it’s like a road block in the middle of the way, so I have to turn around and try another way. That is often times the solution and when I go another way with the story suddenly everything falls into place and the right story appears in the horizon. Writing is a creative process and it’s important to me to stay open minded about it. Don’t be hell-bent on a particular story for your characters. If you get really stuck chances are it’s not the right story for them.