Here are some helpful tips that I use to boost my creativity for writing:

  1. Indulge in your story! Nothing gets me more excited than coming up with a new story and putting all the pieces together, creating characters and scenarios etc. All that juicy stuff will send my creativity through the roof and keep me up half the night writing.
  2. Do other creative stuff other than just writing, or write other types of texts for variation. Sometimes I write short poems or help musician friends with lyrics and I enjoy writing in different formats immensely. For instance my novel requires a different style and tone than my short story crime series on Detective Patrone. I also paint, draw and sketch a lot too. Going to museums is another favorite thing to do. Looking at art really inspires me.
  3. Exercise! Sitting in front of the computer for hours can be really draining and exhausting, so I make sure I exercise on a regular basis, to get the blood running and that whole body-mind flow going.
  4. Go outdoors. This could be part of the exercise of course, but being outdoors and breathing fresh air and getting some sunlight is important on its own. Just being in nature can be very spiritual and healing.
  5. Take a lot of breaks. Again, sitting in front of the computer can be tiresome. Taking several short mini breaks is probably a good idea. I usually lose track of time and realize a few hours later that I forgot to have dinner, due to number 1 above haha. But the writing process also consists of thinking about your story a lot, and sometimes you need to press pause for a longer period of time and not think about your story or your characters at all. Let your mind rest.
  6. Get friends and family to beta-read your story to get new ideas or suggestions that might open up your mind to a new flow of creativity.
  7. Listen to music! For some people this may fall under number 2, but for me music is such a huge source of inspiration that it needs a category of its own. Discover new genres, bring out some oldies goldies, find a song that fits the mood in a scene. Music never fails to inspire me.
  8. Do fun and silly stuff that makes you laugh. A good laugh is the remedy for anything, so make sure you surround yourself with people who will make you laugh and are not afraid to get loose and do silly things with you, or get a pet. My cat is very silly.


Daisy tries to look like a vampire