Choosing-a-Book-TitleChoosing a title for your book is easier said than done. The most common way to pick a title is to use a catchy phrase or a theme word that says something of what your book is about, to make it easier for the reader to know when they are browsing for a new book.

A title can be a blunt selling description of what the story is about. But it can also be more like a hidden gem, something that the reader will understand as they are reading the book, or maybe not until the end of it. A mysterious title can be alluring, but make sure that the book description tells the reader a lot of what the themes and the story is about. Look at other books in your genre and compare. How can you stand out and still fit in?

When you search for an appropriate title you should also keep in mind what genre your book is in. A tip is to adjust the tone of the title to your genre. Is it a romantic comedy? Make it funny and sweet. Is it a psychological thriller? Make it exciting and thrilling. Try it out on your friends and family, make them your beta readers to get a general sense on the matter. Don’t forget to have fun with it! This is your chance to play around with words, it’s what you love, right?

One difficult question is if you want to choose a title that is similar to a famous book or not. I was writing a drama where the main character was celebrating her being single and how awkward it can be when all your friends and acquaintances are in a relationship, and how they sometimes stay in bad relationships no matter what and try to remodel their houses and create other projects in desperation to keep their relationship going. My title for this was Different Shades of White, referring to making a big deal about picking a wall color among the many shades, when in the end it is still just white. This was of course just before the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. I ended up changing my title after that, since I did not want to make my readers think it was an erotic novel.

The title and the book cover is the first thing a potential reader will see, so picking a great title is important. If a title is too non-descriptive or too silly it might put the reader off. In the end it is your choice, so make it a good one that will suit your book. And if it does not work you can always change it!