It is nothing but a luxury to be able to call yourself a writer; it lets you get away with a lot of weird things. For instance it allows me sit at home alone for days without talking to anyone, googling forensic technology and what happens to a body that has been left in water for two days. My friends have gotten used to the fact that I disappear at times into a hibernate state, hardly answering texts, not wanting to make plans to hang out because I’m “in the zone” doing research or writing. Thankfully my friends still think I’m fun enough to hang out with when I finally have time for them and want to keep me around!

Googling weird stuff bordering on the morbid without feeling too guilty is another perk of being a writer. Perhaps I want to do some extensive research on bruising on the skin and what it looks like before and after death. Or maybe I want to learn all there is about working as a hair dresser because that is what a character does in one of my books. Learning new things is one of the best parts of being a writer, I can get lost for hours trying to find out more about my new favorite subject. Did you know that you don’t necessarily bleed a lot if you are shot in the stomach area? I guess it looks better on film using a lot of blood, but it’s not always the same in reality. Do I delete my web history? Yes, regularly.

Writing also lets me get away with making people up and hanging out with them for months at a time. They become my imaginary friends, and I play with them like puppets on strings, which sounds kind of sad and freaky, but that’s what we writers do. When the book is finished I say goodbye to them, but they are never lost, I can always go back to them by re-reading the story and thus visit them like old friends. I am currently working on a series of books in the Detective Patrone Series, and having the main characters come back and develop and have me discover new things about them in each book is a completely new concept to me, and I am very excited about it. I’m lucky to blame my quirks on being a writer. What’s your excuse?