★★★★★ One of the best books I read 2016, if not the best! Full five stars!

To get the reader hooked on the first page, and keep them hooked throughout the whole novel, is not an easy task for an author, and Paula Hawkins masters it! It is the combination of giving the reader bits and pieces of information, blurry fragments, and jumping back and forth in time, in exactly the right pace, that creates a suspense that lasts through the entire book.

Using POV between the three women; Rachel, Anna and Megan further adds to the confusion and mystery that is building. Hawkins also, in my opinion, creats a brilliant portayal of three real women with real problems and real pain, which is rarely shown or described so openly and ugly. Women are always supposed to be pretty and good, and are often judged by society when they, as in Rachel’s case is abusing alchohol, or in Megan’s case using sex to numb their pain.

The puzzle that is being laid in creating this story, is simply the best I have read in years. I look forward to reading more of this amazing author!