I’ve heard so many good things about Harlan Coben and when I read the book blurb about Missing You I thought it sounded so good, and thought it was the perfect first book to read by this author.

It turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, though. I could never really connect with Kat, the main character, she felt a bit flat and undeveloped. All she was, was a cop. No other interests other than work. The other characters were kind of stereotypical too, the father figure boss, the super model best friend, etc.

The plot was not the page-turner I had hoped for either, in spite of the great idea of a serial killer preying on innocent men and women who are desperately looking for love on an online dating site. That is someting anyyone can relate to and connect to, and it is surely our biggest fear when signing up on a dating site. However, I found the pace to be too slow and the plot resolution to be ridiculously far fetched and unbelievable. So much so that I felt irritated and annoyed when I had finished reading it.

I didn’t particularly like the writing either, but it is always hard to tell when you read a translated book, if you should blame the author or the translator. Being a translator myself (not of books) I know that a translated work will end up as a new text, even though you try to keep it as close to the original as possible, it still becomes a new book in a way.

The only thing I liked were the bad guys and their setting in the bush with their victims and their struggles to escape. That part was very exciting and well written. And a part of me liked the sentimental yearning of Kat’s long lost love through-out the novel.

To sum things up, Missing You is missing the surprises and fast-paced story line that it promises in the beginning. It is in my opinion too predictable and unbelievable, but if you want some gruesome killers who tortures their victims in the dark woods, go a head and read it.