A fast-paced, action packed novella, with some flaws, that I really enjoyed! 3 stars!

This is the first part of a novella trilogy, and it is free on Amazon, a clever marketing trick to draw readers in to the story. I particularly like the novella format, I usually stay away from looong novels with pages and pages of dreary, detailed descriptions of things. I also am quite fond of the new trend of novella serials, it’s like reading a TV episode of a story. Offering the first part for free is a great thing for the reader to sort of “try it out” for fit. If you like the story and want to read more, you will have no problem buying the rest of the parts in the series.

Marked By the Wolf: Part 1 succeeds in filling my expectations story-wise. The pace is quick and exciting, the story is full of action and it feels just too short, as any good story should feel. However, there are some flaws that need mentioning. There are several misspellings and other grammatical errors, as well as the MC’s name being different in one line than in the rest of the story – honest mistakes by the author that can be easily fixed but which drags the overall rating down from 4 stars to 3. The notion of the MC being completely fearless leaving with a complete stranger that she senses is creepy, is not very realistic but rather foolish and makes it a bit hard to like or understand the MC. Having said that, I still buy it, because I compare it with victims in horror movies who go down into the basement even though we all know they’re going to get killed. You may not go down in the basement yourself, but hey, it’s just a story, right? This is a fantasy story after all, werewolves do not exist in real life either, so let’s just go with it and see what happens, was my thought on the matter. It drives the story forward.

I can really recommend this novella if you’re into werewolves, romance and action-packed stories. I will definately read the rest of the series myself.