A solid, exciting, police procedural thriller with a strong female MC! 4 stars!

I’m a huge lover of police procedural crime fiction, I feel it’s like reading a TV show, following the cops work in trying to find a killer. Here the point of view switches between the bad guys and the cops, which is a great way to create suspense, letting the reader know more than the cops. In Greed we move straight into the action of the bad guys, and it’s non stop action from there on, which I really liked.

I also liked that the MC was a female cop, a noobie trying to become a detective she wants to prove herself to her boss and her colleagues, and she sure does! Amber is smart, strong and confident and a great role model. There are more books about her, the Amber Monroe Crime Thriller series, so I guess I will have to read them to get to know her better.

The only down side of this book was the lack of background story of the MC and the other cops. I would have loved to have known more about Amber and her co-workers, especially her boss Jack who leads the investigation, we don’t get to know anything about him. There is also some lack of credability, having so many detectives working on ONE case.

All in all, a free action-packed cat and mouse thriller that I really recommend! Will certainly read more of this author.