As a huge animal lover this is somewhat of a dream project for me. Growing up my family had dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, lizards, a horse, and a sheep (to keep the horse company). As an adult it’s hard to find the time and space for having a pet, especially if you live in a city or large town, and if I could I would be a regular Ace Ventura coming home to Noah’s Ark, but at the moment I have to settle for just a cat. Her name is Daisy and she follows me around where ever I go, if I leave the room she will trot after me.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pet in your life you know it really enriches your every day life in so many ways. But it also demands your time and effort in caring for another creature, in fact, it’s a huge responsibility, but it is totaly worth it because it is so rewarding. I wanted to write about that, the challenges, the good times, the looove, the struggles, etc. because I believe that animals change our lives for the better. So I created this little novella series called A Dog in the Manger where a young woman called Trish suddenly has to take care of a dog; to make room for it in her life and learn about the responsibilities in taking care of it. This opens up a few issues in her life; she needs to stand up to her boss at work who keeps demanding her to work late every week, and she needs to learn how to put someone else first and not be so self-involved. But it also lets in new friendships in her life, and a possible new love interest.

A funny note, in Sweden we have this expression called “the dog trick”, which refers to meeting new people – and perhaps someone to ask out on a date – when you’re out walking your dog. Some people even borrow their friend’s dog for this purpose beacuse people stop and talk and want to pet a cute puppy. For Trish she is swooning when she meets the hunky Nick with green eyes walking his Pit Bull, and he immediately recognises her need for help handling her new dog and offers it – which leads to more contact between them.

I hope  readers will love this series as much as I love writing it! I’ve decided to make the first part perma free, so readers can try it out and see if they want to read more. You can find it on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, B&N and Smashwords via the links below. Part two is out for pre-order and part three will be released in the fall. Please write a short review on the retailer’s site if you read it (or on Goodreads), it really helps me as an indie author reach new readers! Thank you in advance. Happy reading!

Blurb: Trish inherits a dog from her dead aunt and she doesn’t know anything about dogs, but she’ll be damned if she’s going to let her goody two shoes cousin Jules sweep in and save the day agin, like she always did. The decision of taking the dog on is going to change Trish’s life in many unexpected ways.

A new novella series that contains dogs, busy lifestyles and learning how to take control of your life, with a splash of romance and laugh-out-loud moments!


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