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The Runaway Holiday big

The Runaway Holiday is loosely based on my own experiences. I ran away to Cambridge in the UK for three months to get away from an ex once to learn English (I’m from Sweden), and lived in a dorm as a thirty-year-old. That experience in combination with my trips to Italy, a country that I simply just love love love, gave me the inspiration to write this story. I hope you’ll like it as much as I did writing it. Out April 20th!

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Amazon US: The Runaway Holiday

Amazon UK: The Runaway Holiday


Review of The Woman Who Walked Into Doors

★★★★★ Note: This is more of a suspenseful drama than a classic thriller.

Even though I read this novel many years ago, this irish tale of Paula Spencer and her trying to survive domestic abuse has never left my mind.

Roddy Doyle’s description of this small irish village and its working class people struggling to stay together and society’s judgements is cleverly put together with a gritty, raw language that is beautiful in its ugly truths. It is kitchen sink realism in one of its better forms.

The shock of being hit the first time, the hope that it will never happen again, the love for the man, the lying, saying she was so clumsy she constantly walked into doors, all of these things are described to us by Paula, and it is impossible to judge her. It could be me, is what one thinks. What would I do? If anything, this book shows us that we probably can’t answer that question until it actually happens to us. And God forbid that it ever would.

This is one of those books that stays with you forever.

Review of Missing You


I’ve heard so many good things about Harlan Coben and when I read the book blurb about Missing You I thought it sounded so good, and thought it was the perfect first book to read by this author.

It turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, though. I could never really connect with Kat, the main character, she felt a bit flat and undeveloped. All she was, was a cop. No other interests other than work. The other characters were kind of stereotypical too, the father figure boss, the super model best friend, etc.

The plot was not the page-turner I had hoped for either, in spite of the great idea of a serial killer preying on innocent men and women who are desperately looking for love on an online dating site. That is someting anyyone can relate to and connect to, and it is surely our biggest fear when signing up on a dating site. However, I found the pace to be too slow and the plot resolution to be ridiculously far fetched and unbelievable. So much so that I felt irritated and annoyed when I had finished reading it.

I didn’t particularly like the writing either, but it is always hard to tell when you read a translated book, if you should blame the author or the translator. Being a translator myself (not of books) I know that a translated work will end up as a new text, even though you try to keep it as close to the original as possible, it still becomes a new book in a way.

The only thing I liked were the bad guys and their setting in the bush with their victims and their struggles to escape. That part was very exciting and well written. And a part of me liked the sentimental yearning of Kat’s long lost love through-out the novel.

To sum things up, Missing You is missing the surprises and fast-paced story line that it promises in the beginning. It is in my opinion too predictable and unbelievable, but if you want some gruesome killers who tortures their victims in the dark woods, go a head and read it.

Review of Birdman


I am always thrilled when I discover a new female crime novelist who does not only keep up with her fellow male crime writers, but actually sets new standards, and Mo Hayder is without a doubt one of them.

In her debut novel Birdman she creates a killer with such perverted and sick rituals it makes Norman Bates look like a choir boy. So beware, this is not for the weakhearted. What makes Hayder’s writing so brilliant is most certainly the deep psychology behind the charcaters, and the POV scenes of the killer lets us in on his every thought and every action, soemthing which actually gave me nightmares.

The detective chasing this murderer, Jack Caffery, is a likeable fellow with his own troubles and a heartfelt sorrow dealing with his younger brother’s disappearance when they were little. With Jack, Mo Hayder builds a complex main character with flaws that make him very human.

The writing itself is thorough and detailed, and she switches scenes with a nice tempo.

I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series around Jack Caffery and see what horrors she will shock me with. I just have to build up the nerve to start reading book two…

Review of The Assistants

★★★★ A quick-witted, funny story!

The main character, Tina Fontana, is very easy to like. She is just like you and me, ordinary, hard-working, and underpaid. She is the smart one, the voice of reason, even though she is the one who starts off the series of events that may get her and her co-workers in jail.

We love rooting for the underdog, and this is a typical case of just that. Female underpaid personal assistants vs male overpaid executives. Who do you want to succeed?

There are many plot twists and susprises in this fast-paced rollercoaster, and it’s so witty and funny I laughed out loud several times. It wasn’t predictable at all, and it was surprisingly exciting.

I can really recommend it!

Review of The Girl on the Train

★★★★★ One of the best books I read 2016, if not the best! Full five stars!

To get the reader hooked on the first page, and keep them hooked throughout the whole novel, is not an easy task for an author, and Paula Hawkins masters it! It is the combination of giving the reader bits and pieces of information, blurry fragments, and jumping back and forth in time, in exactly the right pace, that creates a suspense that lasts through the entire book.

Using POV between the three women; Rachel, Anna and Megan further adds to the confusion and mystery that is building. Hawkins also, in my opinion, creats a brilliant portayal of three real women with real problems and real pain, which is rarely shown or described so openly and ugly. Women are always supposed to be pretty and good, and are often judged by society when they, as in Rachel’s case is abusing alchohol, or in Megan’s case using sex to numb their pain.

The puzzle that is being laid in creating this story, is simply the best I have read in years. I look forward to reading more of this amazing author!

New Psychological Thriller

I’m thrilled (pun intended) to announce that my new psychological thriller PREY is out to pre-order on Amazon! Release date is December 15th.

Check it out, if you dare…

Link to Amazon US: PREY 

Link to Amazon UK: PREY

A December Fling

Are you looking for a new, lovely, little Christmas lovestory?

Heartbroken, Rebecka goes on a bit of a Christmas party bender where she meets a handsome DJ. Maybe she could have a fling, to get over her ex? People had those, didn’t they?

A December Fling is out to pre-order on Amazon and will be released to your kindle on December 1st! Check it out here!

To Begin: BEGIN

IMG_9147 If you have a story inside that you want to write down, it i easy to hesitate and to feel scared and so you push it to the future, and it never gets written. I think all writers go through moments of self doubt, I know I do. The story is perfect in your mind, but will it come out the way you intend it when you write it down? What if no one wants to read it, or thinks it’s garbage? All these thoughts may block us from having the courage to begin writing. Here are some helpful tips for getting started:

1. BEGIN.  It sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? But the absolute hardest page to write is that first one, isn’t it? You may have the most intriguing story to tell, yet you sit there staring at a blank page, terrified. You do the dishes and clean the whole apartment just to avoid that haunting white page, right? The thing is, you know that’s just stupid. It’s all in your head. You may think of it as jumping off a cliff, but it’s not, so just do it. Once you start writing you will not be able to stop. You have a whole story to tell, remember, and it will come pouring out of you. Just start typing and forget about everything else.

2.EDIT later. Another thing that might hold you back is that you think your writing has to be perfect at once. It doesn’t. The important thing is to get the story down. It doesn’t matter if you think your words sound stupid or lame, ignore it and KEEP WRITING. There will be plenty of time to edit your text later, to re-write, to enhance, to cut parts out, to change the story even. You must not worry about that now, at all, or you will be overwhelmed and give up. Focus on getting the story down on paper and nothing else. A tip is to not write the story down in a chronological order. You are in charge, so write the parts you feel like writing today and other parts tomorrow. Just keep writing!

Margaret Atwood

3. DON’T WAIT for the inspiration to come! Experienced writers know better than to wait for “the inspiration” to arrive. Don’t be fooled. Writing is hard work. If you have never written a full length novel before, or even a short story from start to finish, do not expect it to be a breeze. You’re not suddenly going to feel inspired and the writing will not be like a walk in the park. You will have to walk that park every day, for hours a day, for weeks to come, until it’s done. This may sound discouraging, but it is important not to get delusional and think this is easy. Hopefully you will have so much fun writing that you lose track of time and then you’ll “be inspired” to write more. It is a decision you make.

writing is hard

4. KEEP OTHER WRITERS in your life. I find it very helpful to have other writers in my life, on social media as well as in real life. In that way you know you’re not alone out there, that there are others out there struggling just like you. To me that is both comforting and it gives me strength to keep writing. Don’t think of other writers as your competitors. Readers will always be looking for another book after they have finished one, so support your fellow writers. I actively do so, for instance by retweeting other writers’ book promos on twitter, whether they are in my genre or not. Spread the love and it will come back to you.

Trouble writing

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